Damilola Ogundipe

Damilola Ogundipe

Business Solutions Associate @ Mercurie

7 steps to drive store sales this Easter

Drive more store sales this Easter as consumers starts holiday shopping Easter is a few days away. If you have not seen much sales since Christmas and New year, here is another opportunity to acquire new customers and bring back old customers to see what you have in store for

3 types of shoppers to expect this Valentine's day and how to prepare

It's few days to Valentine's day. How are you preparing for Valentine's day shopper? If your Valentine day's sales campaign is already underway, it's also useful to take note of specific strategies and tactics you can implement today to prepare for Val's day shoppers, enrich their shopping experience, and leverage

How to Ensure Business Continuity in a Pandemic

Until a couple of weeks ago, having an e-commerce option or a work-from-home policy just seemed like smart business plans. Now, they are survival strategies. Public officials are now scrambling to master video conferencing tools to connect with each other while smart businesses are racing to developers to start building

Top 4 Tools and Platform that Help You Manage Your Social Media

Managing business pages across multiple social media platforms can be pretty overwhelming, especially if one is a one-man business. In this post, I share the top 4 tools to help you stay on the game and ease the headache.

3 Ways to Build a Profitable Facebook Ad from Start to Finish

Facebook has been described as the front gate to the world's consumer market. Advertisers spent more than $54 billion running ads on the Facebook family of apps in 2018. This huge Ad spend shows how much advertisers and online sellers believe in Facebook and Instagram Ads. "The formula for growing
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