# Awesome Cloud Build
A curated list of resources about all things on  Google Cloud Build.

We have curated a bunch of resources (Useful Links, Quickstarts, Tutorials, Articles, Official Cloud Builders, Community Cloud Builders, Cloud Build Configuration File Templates and Meetups) all relating to Google Cloud Build, feel free to jump in on GitHub if you want to update the list.

You can find the initial contents of the list below or check out the updated on here

What is Cloud Build?

Cloud Build is a service that executes your builds on Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.

Cloud Build can import source code from Google Cloud Storage, Cloud  Source Repositories, GitHub, or Bitbucket, execute a build to your  specifications, and produce artifacts.

Cloud Build executes your build as a series of build steps, where  each build step is run in a Docker container by a builder image.


Useful links on Cloud Build.


Quickstarts for Cloud Build.


Tutorials on Cloud Build.


Articles on Cloud Build.

Cloud Builders

Supported builder images for Google Cloud Build, codes on GitHub

Community Cloud Builders

Community-contributed images for Google Cloud Build, codes on GitHub

Cloud Build Configuration File Templates

The cloudbuild.yaml templates are to guide you in creating yours. You can find Dockerfiles here